jude's luxury travel

Ringing the bell on the ms Grace. Tauck River Cruising The Rhine, Swiss Alps and Amsterdam

What I do...

I am a travel agent whose specialty is customizing river cruises and escorted tours just for you. Together we will have you Living Someday Today!

Jude Russo Caserta in Paris for the first time

How I got here...

As a child, I dreamed of exotic locations and amazing experiences while watching my parents travel around the world. More than anywhere, I wanted to go to Paris! My first river cruise (the Rhône River in France) checked the City of Light off of my "Someday" list!

living someday today

Aboard the Swiss Emerald on the Rhône River

Encore Career!

It was on this river cruise on the Rhône River I knew travel was going to be my encore career. I opened Jude’s Luxury Travel in 2016 to help you love river cruising and guided travel as much as I do. 

Aboard the ms Grace castle watching on the Rhine River

Let's have coffee...

Whether we meet for coffee or wine around town or virtually over the phone, let's chat about what is next up on your "Someday" list. 

Jude Russo Caserta talking about river cruising

Be the first to know...

Every month I will share ideas and destinations to help you plan your perfect #LivingSomedayToday adventure