Plan now...relax later!

your perfect packing plan

Your perfect dream adventure covers five countries and four hotels. These five transitions mean you have to pack your bags five times! UGH!!

If it's your dream trip, book it! Let me show you how to pack your bags helping you maximize your time and eliminate stress. You will probably save some money, too!



Your perfect packing plan!

What if I told you I could create a plan for you that would take the stress away from moving from one bed to the next during a guided tour?


Your Perfect Packing Plan Saves Money

Packing mistakes can be very costly. I can help you avoid them, saving you loads of money. 


Your Perfect Packing Plan Saves Time

Be the envy of your next adventure while your fellow travelers scramble to pack, you are having a peaceful sip with your feet up!

your perfect packing plan

Find the perfect adventure and create a packing plan that reduces stress and saves money!

Here I am going to review my packing tips for River Cruises and Guided Tours.

I will show you not just what to pack but how to pack it without lots of fancy cubes and gizmos.

I will help you review, reduce and rework your current wardrobe and make it ready to go just about anywhere.

Best of all, I will teach you how to strategically plan your bag and carry on for any trip, whether a one ship “all inclusive” or where there are lots of hotels and transitions.

Stay tuned...

Tell me something you forgot to pack...

Your Perfect Packing Plan course will be available on Teachable soon. Meanwhile, can you please tell me about something you forgot to pack and how you solved it? I may even ask to use your idea in an upcoming blog or lesson (giving you full credit, of course!)